How To Measure Your Feet – Part 2

How to measure your feet is often thought of as a two-dimensional process: length and width. The reality is that there is much more going on though that creates a proper fit. It’s like a story where the length makes up the intro, the width makes up the end but the circumference of your feet makes up the body of the story, tying together the beginning and the end. Now you won’t always need to know these measurements for buying off-the-shelf shoes but when it comes to a bespoke last, they are crucial.

Now, I won’t claim to be an expert in measuring my own feet. This is my first time really testing this out and time will tell if the boots made at the end of this project, by Carlino Bespoke, will fit me well or not. But I have seen it done several times, even on myself as well as others so am sharing the ‘lived experiences’ of what I was told. The key in this step is to not pull so hard on the tape measure. You want to measure around your feet but in a semi-loose/fitted way. It should neither be tight nor loose, but rather a natural coming together of the tape measure to get the right measurement.

The main points here are around the toes, the widest point in the ball of the feet (pinky joint to large toe joint), the instep, and the heel-to-ankle distance. These measurements will help allow the bespoke maker to know all of the crucial points that make up fit and the pressure spots associated. An ankle too tight will hit you and rub and often does not soften up. Toes too tight will not feel great and whether or not you have slim or girthy feet can only be known with the circumference measurements.

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