Septieme Largeur Tobar – New Colorway

The Septieme Largeur Tobar triple buckle boot is back in a new colorway for this A/W season. The famous boot that Septieme Largeur created around 7-8 years ago has been a popular staple in the industry with knock-offs galore among other brands looking to emulate the look. But nothing tops the original and it would appear that it is here to stay as they add new colorways to their special boot. The latest is chocolate suede.

A dark brown suede boot, for me, is the ultimate boot for every man to own at least one pair of. I don’t even care what model it is, just the fact that it is a necessary staple for every man’s wardrobe. They made a smart decision with this colorway as it looks great and I am sure that it will appeal to more people than their snuff suede version has. Not to take away from the lighter suede version. I just know that the chocolate suede will appeal to more men as it will be seen as easier to wear.

The Septieme Largeur Tobar boots are currently priced at €345 for those in the EU. For those of you outside of the EU, you can take off the VAT, and that puts them down to €287.50, which is around $310. I do not normally bring up pricing but with as good as this is for the quality received in return, it is a steal of a deal. But more important is the fact that Septieme Largeur will surely have a price increase soon. I know this as a fact. I cannot say when, but it will be coming soon.

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Septieme Largeur Tobar
Septieme Largeur Tobar

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